Royal Quality Nursing Services, Inc. is a temporary staffing agency, founded in 2004, that subcontracts highly qualified nurses to deliver care to the sick with professionalism and compassion. We take a systematic approach in assessing all of our patients. We take great pride in helping our patients reach their optimal level of functioning and health. Royal Quality’s emphasis is on working with other Pharmaceutical companies and Nursing agencies in Delaware and Pennsylvania where nursing needs are present.

We offer a broad variety of services such as; IV infusions at home, as well as staffing Medical/Surgical, and Acute Settings in the hospitals, Long Term Facilities, and Assisted Living Facilities. Royal Quality subcontracts only experienced Registered Nurses to deliver excellent care. We follow the policies and procedures established by the Infusion Nurses Society to ensure that our patients achieve their optimal level of health.

Our mission is to serve the community with loyalty, profound integrity, and respect for human dignity. When given the opportunity to serve you, we are committed to providing quality care and the best possible service to our clients and their families. If you want your loved one cared for like royalty please put your trust in Royal Quality Nursing Services, Inc.